On this page you can see different projects I am working on and commissions that are in various stages of completion in the Blue Moose Arts studio.  For more pictures or to check on the progress of your commission please go to my blog at...

It's been a long time since I've done something with this page.  The entire site, for that matter.  I try to spend most of my free time painting and getting commissions finished and not so much on the computer.  I apologize if you've been looking and nothing much has changed.  I will try to be better about updating. 
Coming up on this page will be a collection of 15mm German vehicles.  15mm Napoleonic's will be coming in a large way...mostly French, though.  In the ancients area expect to see some 15mm Dacians, Samnites, Spanish, and Byzantines.   For 6mm fans there will be some AWI figures and some WW2 French trucks.  For fantasy some 28mm Goblins and Orcs are on the way. 
For DBA armies I have a Hittite army complete (pictures will come soon) and a post Mongol Russian almost complete.  I may showcase the Russians with some 15mm WW2 Russians, just for contrast. 
That's it for now but keep coming back for more updates.  Until next time..
David's 28mm US Paras.  28mm Artizan and Bolt Action
Paul's 15mm Byzantine infantry  15mm Khurasan

15mm AB
Andy's  WW2 Japanese   20mm Sergeant Majors