When I was young, I always loved to draw and paint.  I also discovered a love of history along the way.  I suppose it was only natural that the two would collide one day.

I got into wargaming in my teen years with board games first, and then a discovery of RPG's with miniatures.  But, with history an interest, I soon evolved into historical miniatures.  I found that I really enjoyed the painting aspect of it and this has led to what you see before you. 

I have also continued my art, which you will see sprinkled throughout this site.  I have developed my own unique, whimsical style. I've put my art on paper, canvas, furniture, walls, and even sidewalks!!  Let me know if my artistic style will suit your needs.
My studio address is
PO Box 61
Madison, NH
15mm Essex
28mm Games Workshop
28mm Games Workshop.